Help for ADHD and Attention Issues

Attention problems are difficult to test and measure but easy to observe and train.

Many ADHD “diagnoses” result in little more than attaching a label to observable behaviour. This fails to identify the specific cause of that behaviour. Parents are left with either the choice of isolating their child in a controlled environment or turning to medication therapy. Neither usually provides a lasting improvement in the child’s ability to learn or a realistic hope for a better quality of life.

A Promising Solution 
Singapore Brain Centre offers a more helpful and promising solution to ADHD students and their parents. The broad, multi-skill exercises, developed by the Centre, have the power to strengthen attention skills.

Here are some key areas our program enables:

  • Enhances memory skills
  • Improves processing speed
  • Expands reasoning
  • Develops and disciplines listening skills

Our Programs

Brain Training

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Sensory integration

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Listening Therapy

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connections on multiple levels of…

Neuro Feedback

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This multi-skill training can often restore the solid cognitive foundation lacking in children. Results can be rewarding. Discover if our programs can help your child. Contact Us now for a comprehensive assessment.