Ways to Support a Therapeutic Listening Program

12 Dec 2019 Media

Brain Training Singapore

Therapeutic Listening is an auditory program aimed at supporting individuals who experience challenges with communication, listening, and attention. The child or adult is exposed to filtered music in order to stimulate the nervous system with low and high sounds at different intervals. These help to strengthen communication between the ears and the brain for better processing abilities and stimulation for behavioral and emotional growth.

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A Parent’s Guide to Autism Therapy for Children

5 Dec 2019 Media

If you have recently found out that your child has autism, you are probably unsure and unprepared about how to best help your child.

Having an Autism spectrum disorder has an impact on the way your child socializes, behaves and interacts. Although some parents notice their child is in the spectrum early, others take years to realize their children are autistic because of the wide range of symptoms that are sometimes only seen as a developmental delay.

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Reading Programs for Kids: Nurturing an Avid Reader

27 Nov 2019 Media

Are you looking for a reading program for your child, but you are not sure where to start? What kind of program does your child need? Are some more effective than others? How to tell which is the best for your child? These could be some of the questions that have crossed your mind as a parent with a growing child.

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Developing Your Child’s 7 Senses with Sensory Integration

21 Nov 2019 Media

Sensory integration is a process by which the brain receives information through sensory input, organizes it and uses it for everyday activities. Some of these sensory inputs include sight, smell, hearing, movement, taste and others.  Sensory processing provides a crucial foundation for later, more complex learning and behavior in children. It is also known as motor skills development, part of the developmental markers for babies and children when they go for pediatric checkups.

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Brain Test for Child: What It Is and Where to Find One

16 Nov 2019 Media

No parent can say raising their child has been easy. Although the experience has not been the same for all parents, most face similar challenges, particularly in academics. Some children have trouble paying attention to your schoolwork, make careless mistakes, and seem demotivated to do their homework. As the children grow, some fail to develop life skills that will guide them when making critical choices in life.

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Understanding Dyslexia and its Treatment Options

7 Nov 2019 Media

In Singapore, for every class with 40 students, at least one or two have dyslexia. This is a significant number of students that need help if they are to cope in a competitive environment like Singapore. Unless dyslexia is identified and treatment is given, children with dyslexia will have trouble catching up with other students, and this can be frustrating to teachers and parents, but mostly the students.

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Using Massage to Help Your Child Cope with Stress

3 Nov 2019 Media

When most of us think about massages, we picture ourselves in a spa, with light music playing with a masseuse kneading our stress away. However, when it comes to child massages it not only provides relaxation but also bonding between parent and child.

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