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Afiqah graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her course of study has equipped her with an understanding of human behaviour and early intervention in the area of child psychology. This broad foundation enabled her to better understand the unique needs and challenges children may face, and apply appropriate learning strategies to help them thrive.

Afiqah possesses over five years of experience as a dance teacher in various MOE schools. Through her teaching tenure and academic pursuits, she has developed a profound love and passion for nurturing and enhancing the potential of children from diverse backgrounds.

Driven by her belief in the unique talents of every child, Afiqah has taken on the role of a Therapist at the Singapore Brain Development Centre. Leveraging her academic knowledge and teaching experience, she is committed to supporting the Centre’s initiatives in enabling children to achieve their full potential.

In her free time, Afiqah enjoys dancing as it is a great way for her to express herself creatively, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and continue exploring her love for movement and music.

Course Completion:
– DIRFloortime® 101 Course: An Introduction to DIRFloortime for Parents and Professionals
– Structure of Intellect Theory of Human Intelligence (SOI Systems)

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John R. Wooden