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Farah graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies. Her Honours Bachelor Thesis paper focused on the speech perception of sounds in the Korean phonological system by Chinese and Malay speakers in Singapore as well as its implications on language development as well as acquisition of second language.

During the completion of her thesis, she developed a high interest in the aspect of language acquisition as well as language and communication disorders. This resulted in her pursuing a career with us where she can work with children who have difficulties in language skills.

Farah coaches the children in Singapore Brain Development Centre to develop and strengthen their language skills. She adopts an immensely motivating approach by helping them cultivate the love of language through effective and fun training methods.

She likes to travel and learn new languages. Farah is fluent in conversational Korean. And as an avid cyclist, she can be seen cycling in East Coast Park during her free time.

Course Completion:
– “Activity Therapy for Persons with Special Needs” (Social Service Institute Singapore)
– Introduction to Praxis and Dyspraxia conducted by Expert Trainer Maude Le Roux
– Introduction to Attachment conducted by Expert Trainer Maude Le Roux
– DIRFloortime® 101 Course: An Introduction to DIRFloortime for Parents and Professionals (ICDL)
– DIRFloortime® 210 Course:  Individual DIRFloortime Mentoring for Professionals and Paraprofessionals (ICDL)
– Social Thinking® Workshop (Connect & Communicate LLP)
– Introduction to Sandtray Therapy (National University Singapore)
– Introduction to Play Therapy conducted by (National University Singapore)
– Developmental Play Foundation Course (CreateCATT)
– Sensory Processing Extravaganza (Maude Le Roux)
– Level 1 3-Part Treatment Plan for OPT™ and OPT: Assessment and and Program Plan Development™ (TalkTools)
– Sensory Integration: Advanced Training and Case Presentations conducted by Expert Trainer Maude Le Roux
– DIRFloortime®: Advanced Training and Case Presentations conducted by Expert Trainer Maude Le Roux

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” ~ G.K. Chesterton