Namira graduated from University of Northampton with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Counselling. Her Honours thesis focused on the relationship between stress, self-esteem and achievement motivation and how it affects the different genders of adults working in Singapore through focusing on Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem, Ray’s Achievement Motivation and Cohen’s Perceived Stress scales of measurements.

Prior to working in Singapore Brain Development Centre, Namira gained experience through working with children of various ages through the art of roleplaying, which sparked her interest and passion in children. She has also grown to develop a fascination with Early Intervention as she strongly believes in the benefits that it brings to the development of a child in their early years. Hence, Namira began her journey with Singapore Brain Development Centre assisting in the Early Intervention Programme, before beginning her journey as a Cognitive Therapist.

Namira is also known to be an outgoing and sociable person by her peers, alongside her cheerful and optimistic personality.

Course Completion:
- DIRFloortime® Course conducted by Professional Consultant & CEO of ICDL Jeffrey Guenzel
- Fundamentals of Learning Disability offered by Social Service Institute Singapore
- Child First Aid Course offered by Singapore Red Cross Academy
- Introduction to Play Therapy conducted by Dr. Alicia Pon
- Introduction to Sandtray Therapy conducted by Dr. Alicia Pon
- Developmental Play Foundation Course conducted by Occupational and Creative Arts Therapist Caroline Esaame


“Beauty you're born with, but brains you earn.” ~ Jay Kristoff