Grooming the Competent Learner

Think better, Learn Faster by targeting core cognitive skills


Building the Foundation

Improve performance, behaviour and confidence by targeting sensory processing issues


Grooming the Auditory Learner

Improve motor, emotional and cognitive abilities by targeting auditory processing skills

FREE CONSULTATION with Our Consultant

Where all the question troubling you about your child will be answered. You will also receive a Free Brain Workout Kit!


Singapore Brain Development Centre

“Changing Lives, Unleashing the fullest potential”

Cognitive abilities are the cornerstone to learning. They enable us to process information and build knowledge that we use in everyday work, life and play. At Singapore Brain Development Centre, we nurture capable lifelong learners through the development of cognitive abilities.

Because we understand how heart-wrenching it is to watch your child struggle, we want to help! Over the past 15 years, we have worked with over thousands of students and we know we can help you too. We develop individualised cognitive development plan that targets your child’s cognitive weaknesses.


COVID-19 Updates

As a therapy centre, we are quite concerned with the health and wellbeing of the children, therapists, and parents at our centre. We are increasing our efforts in ensuring that we are doing all we can to prevent the spreading of virus. The following measures have been stepped up at our centre:

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Signs to look out for in your Child's Learning Journey

Does your Child Have

  • Difficulty Focusing and Paying Attention in School?
  • Trouble with Reading, Spelling, Writing and Math?
  • Problems Understanding Words or Concepts?
  • Speech Difficulty and Trouble Expressing his/her Thoughts?
  • Clumsiness with Uncoordinated Movements and often tripping over him/herself?
  • Difficulty Dealing with Changes in Schedule or Situations?
  • Poor Memory and Forgetfulness?
  • Problems with School Performance from Week to Week or Day to Day?
  • Hard Time Listening and Following Instructions?
  • Emotional Distress or Impulsiveness?

and many more…

Don't worry, because we're here to help!



Prior to the program, a pre-assessment will be conducted to
measure the strengths and weaknesses of your child’s cognitive skills.

Appropriate Program

Based on the assessment results, our consultant will recommend the appropriate program to enhance your child’s foundational learning skills. Training sessions are twice a week.

Activities at Home

Homework tasks are important learning tools that we incorporate into our training protocol to help your child maintain his or her cognitive skills and abilities.

Progress Reviews

Progress Reviews are provided with every session to help you understand the strengths and challenges of your child and focus on ways to support learning at school and at home.



Singapore Brain Development Centre is honoured to have been featured on the program “The Little Achievers 《小不点 大改造》” shown on Channel 8 (2018) with TV host Kate Pang.

Watch the full video below to find out what makes SBDC unique compared to other children educational programs.

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