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Help For Delayed Development

Global developmental delay refers to a condition characterised by below-average intellectual functioning and significant limitations in multiple areas of development. It is typically identified when a child fails to reach developmental milestones within the expected time frame.

Children with Global Developmental Delay (GDD) experience delays in various aspects of development. This includes delays in speech and language, social skills, cognitive abilities, play, and motor skills.

Individuals with global developmental delay may exhibit delayed acquisition of skills such as sitting up, crawling, and walking. They may struggle with reasoning, understanding concepts, and social interactions. Communication difficulties, limited judgment, and aggressive behaviour as a coping mechanism can also be observed.

Early identification and intervention are crucial in supporting individuals with global developmental delay. A comprehensive assessment by professionals can help determine the specific areas of delay and tailor appropriate interventions to promote overall development and improve quality of life.

Common Signs of Global Development Delay (GDD)

Common signs of global developmental delay (GDD) in children may vary depending on their age and developmental stage. However, some general signs that may indicate GDD include:

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Evidence-Based Intervention Programs

Our program offers a comprehensive approach to lessen the symptoms of global developmental delay (GDD) by targeting key areas of development. These areas may include:

Improve the brain’s ability to process and respond to sensory information effectively. The therapist creates a structured and supportive environment that allows the child to explore and engage with sensory stimuli in a controlled manner.

Build a strong emotional connection and fostering meaningful interactions. Through play and interactive activities, the therapist aims to promote the child’s communication, self-regulation, problem-solving, social, and emotional development.

Focus on stimulating cognitive skills such as attention, memory, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

A Promising Solution

Singapore Brain Centre is dedicated to supporting children with GDD by offering evidence-based interventions and personalised support. We aim to provide realistic hope and tangible results, helping children overcome challenges, develop their strengths, and lead fulfilling lives.

Here are some key areas our program offers to lessen the symptoms of GDD:

Schedule a free consultation for your child, and our consultant will work out the best solution from our wide range of intervention therapies and programs offered at Singapore Brain Development Centre.