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Enhancing cognitive abilities and rectifying learning problems

What is Brain Training?

Brain Training focuses on developing cognitive skills, which are the fundamental skills used by the brain for thinking and learning. Cognitive skills encompass various abilities such as learning, memory, attention, reasoning, and problem-solving. These skills work together to help us receive, perceive, and interpret information in our daily lives, whether it’s at school, work, or in other contexts.

Each cognitive skill is essential for processing new information and directly impacts our learning abilities. When cognitive skills are weak or underdeveloped, they often contribute to learning difficulties and challenges. Therefore, addressing and strengthening these cognitive skills can significantly improve overall learning outcomes.

Here is a brief description of each cognitive skills, as well as the struggles that may be experienced if that skill is weak:

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Difficulty staying focused, Easily distracted, Loses interest easily, Poor tasks completion.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Difficulty following multi-step instructions, Forgetfulness, Poor recall of previously learned information.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Slow completion of tasks, Difficulty with time management, Challenges in information processing.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Difficulty following verbal instructions, Poor listening skills, Auditory distractions, Problems with phonics and reading.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Difficulty with visual discrimination, Poor visual memory and visual spatial skills, Challenges in visual attention and tracking.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Difficulty with problem-solving and abstract thinking, Limited ability to make connections, Difficulty with deductive and inductive reasoning.

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Key Highlights of Our Brain Training Program

Our program focuses on enhancing and fortifying your child’s cognitive skills through a carefully crafted combination of exercises and activities. These activities are specifically designed to gradually and effectively improve your child’s cognitive abilities over time.

We conduct cognitive skill assessments before and after our Brain Training program to scientifically measure the progress in your child’s cognitive development. By comparing the results, we can track the improvement in their cognitive skills and provide tangible evidence of the program’s effectiveness.

We create personalised training plans for each child based on their unique cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Our one-on-one training approach ensures that your child receives individualized attention throughout the program to foster their cognitive development.

We conduct regular post-evaluation assessments to track your child’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to their training plan. These assessments help us monitor their development, identify areas of improvement, and ensure that their training plan is effectively meeting their needs.