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Our Story

Born To Fight Developmental Challenges

One of the most frustrating things in life is being left behind because of developmental challenges that cause a person’s brain to be slow in learning. A lot of opportunities are lost when you are hampered by developmental challenges.

That is why we created Singapore Brain Development Centre (SBDC) in 2005 to provide scientific methods to defeat this enemy.

As Singapore’s leading Brain Development Optimizer, we have a proven track record of removing developmental or cognitive roadblocks in students of all ages.

Baby Bonus Approved Institution

BORN TO Reach for the stars

SBDC’s vision is For Every Brain To Be Optimized. Everyone wants to reach their maximum potential and that can only happen when the brain is optimized to allow us to learn, unlearn and relearn things continuously.

To achieve this vision, we keep a laser-like focus on our mission which is to

Bring our ‘A’ game every day as our work is so important.
Rely on each other’s strengths to reach higher, go further.
Adopt the latest technologies to keep us two steps ahead.
Improve our methodologies to perfection and start again.
Never give up as problems are opportunities to do better.

BORN TO Exceed Your Expectations

We are highly-trained, high-performance, high-achieving therapists who stop at nothing to ensure that the children who walk through our door walk away with developmental challenges removed.
We are able to do this because our core values always shape our thoughts and actions


We help clients to achieve their end goals.


We always strive to be the best in our field.


We research and plan everything carefully.


We say what we mean, mean what we say.

OUR Partner

The Brain Academia believes in creating the right tools to help students who are struggling or gifted a learning ground in building a solid foundation to succeed academically. They offer a complete suite of Group Cognitive Training Programs that have been tested and proven. 

The procedures they use will help to enhance your child’s attention, memory, logic, rule-following, concept formation, context comprehension, imagery-language, process orientation and other essential thinking skills. A strong foundation in these skills is the cornerstone to improving your child’s academic abilities