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DIR Floortime


DIRFloortime® was started by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, and it is a relationship-based developmental approach which aims to build respectful, meaningful interactions that are tailored to each child’s individual differences and promotes each child’s development to their fullest potential.

The D describes development, and this is where we look at how the child is developing, emotionally and cognitively. Establishing a firm understanding of how the child is performing in relation to the six Functional Emotional Developmental milestones that a child needs to master. As the child achieves each goal, they experience emotional and intellectual growth. Students are encouraged to push their interactive skills by engaging with others through play.

We recommend this program for children that requires additional support in developing better social communication skills to interact well with their peers.


The Six milestones of floortime include:

The I describes the unique ways each person takes in, regulates, responds to, and comprehends the world
around them. Understanding the child’s particular pattern of challenges is essential for helping them.  These
challenges may include differences the child shows in:

The R describes how relationships fuel our development.  The approach assists therapists in developing their
relationship with the child, so they can be effective in helping the child learn and grow. The approach also aims
to ensure that the child is developing meaningful relationships with people around them.

Key Highlights of our DIR Floortime Program

The objectives of the DIR® Model are to build healthy foundations for social, emotional, and intellectual capacities rather than focusing exclusively on a child’s motor, speech or cognitive skills in isolation. This model can help us promote healthy development in all children, but it is especially powerful in helping children with developmental or emotional challenges.
This is an individualized therapy that is customized to suit your child’s needs. We will comprehensively assess your child to identify his or her sensory strengths and weaknesses. Our therapists will then come up with a plan on how to help your child.
Floortime focuses on the integration of all developmental areas (i.e. social, emotional, motor, sensory, language and cognitive skills). We promote integrated learning through play and relationships to ensure a solid foundation for all social, emotional and academic learning.
This approach is based upon an ever-growing body of research from a range of fields including language development, sensory processing, developmental neurology and mental health. Strong evidence exists to support the effectiveness of DIR in improving the core challenges for children while decreasing parent stress levels and improving parent-child relationships (
Floortime uses spontaneous play, semi-structured play, sensory and motor activities. Our toys, games and activities are selected to provide opportunities for regulation/exploration, engagement leading to expansion of circles of communication and scaffold to problem solving, sequencing, pretend play themes. We also provide activities for sensory input to enable the child to better self- regulate.
We follow the child’s lead by understanding his or her interests and motivation while interacting spontaneously and joyfully. This is a clue to the best way to challenge him or her to journey up the developmental ladder in other areas such as language, thinking skills, and motor abilities.
Floortime takes a child back to the very first milestone he or she has missed and begins to build from there. By working intensively with parents and therapists, the child can journey up the ladder of milestones, one rung at a time, to begin to acquire the skills he or she is missing.