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Targeted and Designed to maximise your child’s fullest potential


Every child is different, with different learning and support needs. At Singapore Brain Development Centre, our training methods are designed to offer your child quality learning experience catered to their individual needs.

Developmental Training

Sensory Integration: Build the Foundation

Our Sensory Integration helps children with learning, development or behavioural issues, by targeting the way your child’s brain organises and interprets sensory experiences, such as touch, movement, body awareness, sight, sound, smell, taste and the pull of gravity. With Sensory Integration, our students

DIR Floortime: Follow the CHild's lead

Our DIR Floortime Therapy aims to build respectful, meaningful interactions that are tailored to each child’s individual differences and promotes each child’s development to their fullest potential. We follow the child’s lead by understanding his or her interests and motivation while interacting spontaneously and joyfully.

Listening Therapy: Stimulate the auditory system

Our Listening Therapy uses research-proven music therapy to stimulates your child’s motor, emotional and cognitive abilities. In addition, we integrate movement, language and cognitive tasks into exercises that target your child’s cognitive ability to receive and process information. 

Speech Development: Essential for Communication

Our Speech and Language Development Program involves using play and practical activities. Our therapists specialise in helping children with communication difficulties and has expertise in helping children perform better in school by improving their language capabilities.


Physioneuro: Trigger neurological pathways

Our Physio-Neuro Therapy is designed to stimulate the neurological pathways through physical sensory activities. Theses activities increase your child’s ability to process information quicker and more accurately. Designed to enhance your child’s awareness and understanding how they learn, it empowers your child by making learning  easier.

Vision Therapy: Improve Visual Abilities

Our Vision Therapy uses the Sanet Vision Integrator (SVI), which is designed to improve visual abilities for a wide range of issues, including visually-related learning problems. Our program targets the development of visual, auditory and motor abilities enabling your child to process and react to information faster and more accurately.

Cognitive Training

Brain Training: Grooming a Competent Learner

Our Brain Training Method help students of all ages learn faster and easier. We focus directly on the cause of learning struggles—underlying weak cognitive skills. With Brain Training, our students are equipped with stronger cognitive skills, empowering them to increase learning speed with ease. They have measurably better memory skills and concentration, perform better in the classroom, and even on the athletic field!

Neurofeedback: Enhancing Brain Power

Our Neuro Feedback Training uses cutting-edge brain training technology to measure and correct faulty brain activity that might be causing attention, emotional, behaviour and performance issues. With our neurofeedback training, your child’s brain essentially learns to correct itself – to not only correct underlying issues but to also improve the performance!

Literacy Training

Literacy: Strengthening communication and expression

Our Literacy method targets four fundamental building blocks of successful learning: Reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our Literacy program is designed to make your child’s learning journey easier and more enjoyable!

Clinical Assessments

Pre-Assessment: The tests are the tools

We use a variety of nationally acclaimed cognitive abilities, achievement, and reading mastery tests in addition to proprietary screening tools developed to further enhance identification of individual skill strength and weakness. At our training centre, such broad, accurate, and definitive