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Autism Therapy For Children In Singapore



Improve the quality of your child’s life with the right treatment

1 out of 150 children in Singapore suffer from some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There are also more than 400 Singaporeans that are found with Autism annually (NUH, 2022). The situation is alarming as it is higher than the WHO global figure of 1 in 160 children. When children struggle with symptoms of Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and/or Childhood Disintegrative Disorder; these impair their social interaction and communicative skills. They also show atypical behavioural patterns and interests.

Early intervention and the right therapy can be effective in alleviating the symptoms of Autism and improving quality of life. We will recommend suitable therapy/training programs depending on the severity of your child’s case and the presenting challenges they face. Some children may require speech therapy and others may have to undergo training in occupational or social skills. There could be others needing assistance in mitigating learning and eating problems. 

Brain training is also critical for improving cognitive skills, to enhance auditory and visual processing, memory, and logic and reasoning. At Singapore Brain Centre, brain training is highly ordered and establishes rewarding and predictable success. Student programs are individually designed and delivered one-on-one by skilled and sensitive trainers. Through an integrated blend of exercises and activities, your child’s cognitive skills will progress incrementally.

Understanding Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neuro-developmental condition that may pose challenges to children in social interactions, communication, and result in restricted or repetitive behaviour.

Understanding Autism can be tough as it is a culmination of various conditions. Children with Autism face different degrees of challenges in social skills, compassion, and communication. They also display repeated movements and restrictive behaviour. Symptoms and severity of Autism varies from one child to the other.

What to Look Out For?

The signs and symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders vary widely. While some infants may show some early signs, it may be prevalent in the others when they are 2 or 3 years. As a parent one must watch the followings:

6 months

9 months

12 months

16 months

24 months

And at any other age

If your child exhibits any of the above, he or she may be at risk and professional evaluation is necessary right away.

At Singapore Brain Development Centre, our therapists are experienced and skilled. A comprehensive evaluation will be performed for your child to assess his/her condition. SBDC provides Intermediate Screening assessments by doing activities to check a child’s milestone ability.

Studies have shown that early detection and intervention programs for Autism & other developmental syndromes can have significantly positive outcomes in the long term. As Autism lasts a lifetime, appropriate support and training from young can help them build skills necessary to live their lives productively. Early detection of Autism with right training/therapy can also result in children with mild symptoms to manage their symptoms so effectively that the disorder can easily be looked past.

How We Can Help

No medication can cure Autism. Medicine can, at the best, address associated things like depression, disturbed sleep, and seizures. Training and training alone can improve the conditions of the students with autism & other syndromes. This is because it addresses cognitive and behavioral needs. Improvement in these areas is critical for attaining a better quality of life.

Training provides more than just a positive structure. It also specifically addresses cognitive needs that are critical to improvement in these students. Test results have shown that children diagnosed with PDD, Autism, or Asperger’s Syndrome most commonly display weaknesses in short-term memory, processing speed, and logic and reasoning skills. These are some of the primary skills that brain training can impact.

Singapore Brain Centre’s training regularly produces multi-year gains in these critical skills. Such gains make a tremendous difference for PDD, Autism, or Asperger’s Syndrome students. Our brain training programs can help parents and students bridge the gap to have a significantly more enjoyable and productive life experience.

Have a read through our Parent Guide to Autism Therapy for children here too.

Essential parent involvement

These children need parental support to overcome the challenges ahead. So, as a parent one should help the child with constant presence, consistent schedules and reward good behaviors. They must also create a safe zone for the child and be attentive to their sensitivities. Parents must also pick up non-verbal cues to figure out the cause of emotional outburst.

Frequently Asked Questions About Autism in Children

What are Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)?

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological and developmental condition that affects how an individual interact with others, learn, and behave. People with ASD tend to face social, communication, and behavioural challenges at different levels, based on the severity of his/her condition.

What are the signs/symptoms of Autism?

Symptoms of Autism can be detected as early as in Toddlers between 12-24 months. The signs of Autism in children are as listed:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Repetitive Movements (flapping their hands, rocking their body, twirling their hands)
  • Unresponsive to their name
  • Obsessive interests
  • Difficulty understanding emotions
  • Repeating phrases or babbling
  • Lack of language or social skills

How is Autism Treated?

There is no one treatment for Autism. However, early intervention programs provide treatments and trainings to enhance cognitive abilities and functions, and support children with Autism to learn the fundamentals of communication and learning. Treatments we recommend are Sensory Integration & Motor Skills Therapy and DIR Floortime. Our treatment plans tackle the challenges and symptoms faced by children with Autism and focus on minimizing the symptoms and helping them participate in school and daily activities.

Recommended Programs:

Brain Training develops the cognitive skills that the brain uses to think and learn…

Listening Therapy stimulates the brain and helps the child to process information…

Sensory integration is the neurological process that organizes sensation…

Neurofeedback enhances memory and helps to reduce hyperactivity…