Speech and Language refer to the ability to communicate, to share and to express feelings, to give and receive information, and to understand ideas and develop thoughts.

There are two main skills needed to master speech and language – Speaking and Listening.

Speech and language lay an important foundation for the development of a child’s of thinking and learning. Being able to listen with understanding and communicate (speak) with others, helps build a child’s self and social confidence, contributing to their personal development and growth.

Children with poor listening or speaking skills show signs of speech and language impairment. These children will also often struggle with reading difficulties, have comprehension issues and face learning challenges.

Additionally, they also face a greater risk of later academic difficulties, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, social difficulties, and behaviour problems (e.g. ADHD).

Early speech and language interventions can have a significant impact on a child and dramatically change their learning capabilities. Let us help! Our speech and language program is designed by a senior speech therapist and will be personalised to targets your child’s specific issues.

Key Highlights of Our Speech Therapy Program

Conducted by Senior Language Therapists

Your child is in competent hands with our senior language therapists. They specialise in helping children with communication difficulties and has expertise in helping children perform better in school by improving their language capability.

Active partnership with parents

We believe in actively working with and supporting not only the child but also the parents and they play a large role in their child’s speech and language development. We offer continual advice and home therapy plans to help accelerate your child’s speech and language development

Parent & Children Testimonials

Before we came here, he (Yuven) was not speaking. When I ask him about something, he would look at me and would just stare at me. So, after coming here, he started speaking within one or two months. From 2 words, it became 5 words and then became 10 words. It was a really good experience.

Ms Neha

Empower your child to achieve more through Speech Therapy!

Find out how our Speech Therapy can impact your child’s learning and cognitive development today! The first step is to get in touch with us, to schedule an appointment so that we can get to know you, and help you understand your child better.