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Group Brain Training for Primary Schoolers Aged 7-12

Our Esprit program is a group cognitive development class, designed specifically for primary school students. It helps develop cognitive skills that will help your child learn faster and easier, empowering them to pursue academic excellence with confidence.
Our program is based on the ‘Structure of Intellect’ (SOI) theory and approach. SOI helps students of all ages achieve learning success. We are successful because we focus on the very root of learning in order to unlock your child’s full learning potential!
How does the Espirit program help in my child’s school results and learning?
  • Critical thinking and decision making – learn to analyze information to make better judgements and decisions
  • Overcome learning weaknesses –address and master the root causes of learning challenges and tackle them
  • Hone Brain Skills – target and strengthen higher-level cognitive skills and capacities
  • Remember Better – improve all areas of memory, including: figural, spatial, place, symbolic, and verbal
  • Solve Problems – sharpen analytical abilities and problem-solving skills
  • Enhance Creativity –target the following areas: symbols, shapes, words, ideas, creative writing
We evaluate the results to construct a specific profile of each student’s strengths and under-developed abilities. We create an individualized learning path for your child. Your child is then trained with carefully structured activities that build and improve cognition. The modules are designed to improve attention span, memory, compare/contrast thinking, eye-hand coordination, reasoning and other academic skills essential to the learning process.
How does it Work?
  1. Online Assessment– is the best way to get a snapshot of your child’s learning abilities. Discover what areas may be causing learning difficulties and what areas are already strong.
  2. Full Analysis– indicates what areas need improvement. Your child will receive a detailed learning profile and targeted solutions to improve his/her overall cognitive profile.
  3. Customised Training– Comprehensive, individualised programs are developed based on the test results. Low abilities can be targeted and improved, while average and gifted abilities can be further enhanced the same way.
The development of your child’s cognitive skills will enable him/her to:
  • Pay attention better
  • Process information more quickly
  • Retain information
  • Learn and remember more
  • Be more cognitively flexible
Key Highlights:
  • Small group size (max 12 students)
  • 1:6 teacher-student ratio
  • Challenging and interactive “mental workout’ exercise that trains the brain
  • Group learning environment that motivates your child
  • Ages 7-12.
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