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Who We Can Help

Who We Can Help


For the students that are already a cut above their classmates, Singapore Brain Development Centre’s training provides an unmatched competitive advantage. No academic study program, however advanced, can provide lifetime advantages in competitive learning environments the way that improving a student’s cognitive skills can.

Help for Advanced Students – The Competitive Edge

Singapore Brain Development Centre’s training is structured in such a way that the advanced levels achievable by high-performing students have the power to hone critical thinking and processing skills to razor-edge performance levels. High-level gains in processing, reasoning, and memory provide trained students with across-the-board learning advantages.

For the advanced student, the faster, easier learning translates into extraordinary performance in even the most challenging learning situations. This boost in performance attracts opportunities and promotes lifetime advantages. Singapore Brain Development Centre’s advanced training for the elite student pays valuable dividends for years.

Brain Training: Remarkable Capability

Brain training can make a huge difference in a child’s lifetime learning capability. Did you know that, at birth, the human brain has roughly 100 billion neurons each linked to as many as 15,000 other neurons? A child at age 3 has twice that number. For a young child, every aspect of life is an opportunity for brain training.

From birth through adolescence, the brain goes through extraordinary changes allowing it to take up information like a “super-sponge” and this sets the stage for broad understanding and efficient learning throughout life.

Early stimulation is crucial for how children will learn and interact throughout their life. Experiences during that early developmental period, good or bad, affect the way the brain is wired. Experiences cause the brain to create new neural connections. Brain training takes advantage of this reality by creating mentally challenging situations in each training session. As synapses are stimulated or used, the brain will develop more, and the brain will therefore have more connections, resulting in a heightened learning capacity.

Brain Training: Neuroplasticity

Brain training actually changes the physical structure of the brain. While once thought impossible, new research proves that intelligence can be improved because of what is called “neuroplasticity”. Neuroplasticity defines the brain’s ability to grow and change in response to appropriate stimulation. Cognitive training works the underlying skills that the brain uses to function optimally. The brain’s ability to change continues throughout a person’s lifetime, but the biggest gains in learning ability come when training takes advantage of the “window of opportunity” during the developmental years. This is why it is best to engage in this training during childhood.

Early training is a powerful tool for parents who want their children to be smarter. It is even more powerful for the parents of children with learning disabilities or any other developmental problems. This is significant because the improvements from this training correspond with general intelligence and can even prove to be a promising key factor in life outcomes such as academic success, job performance, and career advancement.

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