Hearing is different from listening. Hence, most people execute a task wrong because they hear, but did not listen.

With listening therapy, people of all ages are able to achieve the following benefits after a twenty week program:

  • Improved ability to listen and follow directions
  • Expanded ability to think and understand
  • Enhanced overall memory
  • Increased ability to read accurately and fluently — correcting Dyslexia
  • Expanded vocabulary
  • Enhanced comprehension
  • Increased phonemic awareness
  • Improved skills for spelling and writing
  • Increased ability to self-correct errors in speech, reading and writing
  • Expanded ability for verbal and written expression
  • Improved clarity of speech and voice intonation
  • Improved social and behavior skills
  • Sensory Integration, Improved movement and coordination
  • Increased self-confidence and motivation for learning

How We Can Help You

By stimulating and enhancing the auditory system, listeners become more integrated and organized for efficient movement, communication, attention, and readiness to learn.

Our goal is to strengthen the auditory system through a sound stimulation method for more efficient learning and communication. The individual can overcome any challenge and operate with a new set of skills.

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