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Jyoti graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science. During the course of her education, she tutored children of all ages for several years and subsequently discovered that she had a special interest in working with children who had learning difficulties. This interest was strengthened when she learnt of different assessment and intervention techniques to help children.

Jyoti furthered this interest in an afterschool based program where she interacted with students, outside of the school curriculum and built on their capacities through structured play. Jyoti strongly believes that every child has unexplored potential and this potential can be tapped on through early intervention. She hopes to use her knowledge and skills to contribute to the progress of children at Singapore Brain Development Centre.

Jyoti enjoys hiking and reading novels. In her spare time, she can also be found in the kitchen, attempting to fuse her mother’s traditional recipes with those of other cuisines.

Course Completion:
– DIRFloortime® 101 Course: An Introduction to DIRFloortime for Parents and Professionals (ICDL)
– Structure of Intellect Theory of Human Intelligence (SOI Systems)
– Sensory Modulation, Emotional Growth & Development conducted by Expert Trainer Maude Le Roux
– Attachment and Maintaining Regulation (Emotional & Sensory Combined) conducted by Expert Trainer Maude Le Roux
– The Brain, Development, Reading and Written Expression conducted by Expert Trainer Maude Le Roux

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” – Leo Buscaglia