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With over 25 years of professional experience, Karina specialises in supporting young children above 2 years old, adolescents, youths, and adults with special educational needs (SEN) or suspected SEN. Her career spans across diverse settings including educational, healthcare, social work, forensic, and special school environments, both locally and internationally.

Karina has extensive expertise in neurodevelopmental conditions such as intellectual impairment, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), specific learning disorders (including dyslexia, dyscalculia), and emotional dysregulations. Her primary focus lies in conducting thorough psycho-educational assessments aimed at diagnostic formulation, needs assessment, school placement recommendations, and progress monitoring during interventions.

Throughout her career, she has amassed a comprehensive toolkit of established psychological and educational assessment tools endorsed by MOE, schools, forensic, and medical settings. She provides specialised counselling, consultation, and training to parents, caregivers, teachers, and educational professionals, with particular emphasis on high-functioning ASD and students with executive functioning (EF) challenges.

She is actively involved as a sought-after speaker, lecturer, tutor, clinical supervisor, advisor, and consultant in both public and private sectors. She frequently deliver talks, workshops, and training sessions to educational professionals, parents, and aspiring specialists in educational psychology and SEN roles. Her collaborations with schools and teachers aim to optimise learning and developmental outcomes for students under her care. Additionally, she served as an adjunct lecturer and associate at prestigious universities in Singapore, including NTU NIE, NUS, and SUSS, where she imparted her knowledge and expertise to future generations of professionals. 

Registered: Psychologist (Singapore)
CPsychol AFBPsS (UK)
Msc. Educational Psychology (UK)

Assessment & Diagnostic Services for Young Children, Adolescents, Youths and Young Adults:

  • Query Neuro-developmental, learning, attentional and social-behavioural difficulties – including dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders & intellectual impairments;
  • Screening or assessment for school readiness or school placement – special schools, international schools, overseas or local students with relocation plans;
  • For updated psycho-educational assessment / needs evaluation for the purpose of the school’s and examination access arrangements (AA), intervention plans;
  • Assessment for high ability and giftedness



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