Right Brain Training For Kids: What It Is & How To Nurture It

Right Brain Training For Kids: What It Is & How To Nurture It

The brain is divided into two major parts – the right and left hemispheres. It is said that a “left-brained” individual is seen to be more rational, objective, and analytical, whereas a “right-brained” one is said to be more expressive, creative, and intuitive.

While the left brain controls an individual’s logic and reasoning abilities, the right brain controls one’s subconscious mind and imaging abilities. Developing the right brain will nurture the powerful ability to process information quickly and improve one’s memory retention. It can also aid in a child’s ability to read emotions and enhances their overall emotional intelligence.

What is right brain training for kids?

Right brain training is a learning methodology that aims to strengthen the right-side functions of a child’s brain.

Right brain training helps children process and understand information at a much higher speed and improves their memory. Increased memory power would also benefit the left brain as it enhances a child’s ability to learn overall.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, right brain training helps to strengthen a child’s emotional intelligence. Having a strong foundation in emotional intelligence can help to boost a child’s social and self-confidence. They would be able to understand their peers and express themselves better.

How to develop your child’s right brain

Ideally, the best time to begin right brain training for your child is anywhere under the age of 7, as this is the most vital time for healthy brain development. In fact, early intervention for kids, which includes a child’s right brain training, should begin as early as possible to develop a strong foundation. Here are 3 ways you can nurture your child’s right brain development.

1. Flashcards

Flashcards are an excellent yet easy tool you can use to stimulate your child’s right brain. For instance, you could flash pictorial cards quickly to your child to develop their visual memory.

When children look at cards that are flashed quickly, their right brain is activated by the speed. They are also honing their immediate memory skills as they strive to memorise the cards as they are flashed.

2. Music

Besides having the ability to relieve stress, research has indicated that performing and listening to music has significant benefits on an individual’s memory and language development.

Moreover, the act of listening to and practising music has also been proven to increase creativity and abstract thinking. Thus, it is incredibly beneficial to encourage your child to participate in music performances or play them songs regularly.

3. Enrol them in a brain training program

Brain training programs aim to develop cognitive skills that play a key role in influencing a child’s ability to learn. Some of these cognitive skills include memory, information processing speed, auditory and visual processing and more.

Through a customised training program that focuses on enlarging the brain’s capacity, each child is able to unlock their fullest potential. Your child would be able to overcome their weak cognitive skills and reduce the likelihood of developing learning struggles in the future.

Singapore Brain Development Centre’s Brain Training Program

If you are looking for right brain training in Singapore for your child, consider Singapore Brain Development Centre’s Brain Training Program. We utilise an integrated blend of activities and fun exercises that target your child’s weak cognitive skills. We are fully committed to helping your child advance their cognitive skills, which is why we conduct post-evaluation assessments periodically to track their progress and make adjustments to their training plan if necessary.

We offer individualised training programs where your child will receive one-on-one training developed based on their specific strengths, weaknesses and needs. Alternatively, we also offer Cognitive Training Group Programs that are designed specifically for pre-schoolers and Primary School students.

Nurture your child’s right brain development with our Brain Training Program. Besides right brain training, if you are looking for autism therapy, ADHD therapy or a dyslexia assessment in Singapore, we have got your back.

Contact us here for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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