How Right Brain Training Can Unleash Your Child's Potential

How Right Brain Training Can Unleash Your Child's Potential

How Right Brain Training Can Unleash Your Child's Potential

While sifting through the never-ending list of enrichment centres to make sure your child has a good head start in life, as parents, you would certainly be wondering which is the best learning approach for your child to unlock their fullest potential.

According to experts, typically, over 80% of the brain is matured by the time a child reaches the age of six. Because of this, it is imperative to improve your child’s cognitive skills when they are below the age of 7.

In a previous article, we had gone over what right brain training is and how you can nurture your child’s right brain. To recap, right brain training is the development of the “visualisation” part of the brain that is responsible for information processing.

But what are the benefits of right brain training? How does it aid in your child’s development?

1. Improves mental speed

As mentioned earlier, the right brain is responsible for information processing and comprehends information far more quickly than the left brain. By training the right brain, you may aid your child in improving its utilisation to comprehend left brain material more quickly, significantly accelerating their mental processes when they are exposed to conventional learning techniques in the future.

Individuals who have their right brains developed well are generally capable of speed reading and take less time to grasp concepts. This can be incredibly beneficial when your child enters primary school and is exposed to various subjects and new concepts that they would have to process and comprehend.

2. Strengthens memory

Besides mental and information processing speed, right brain training can help to strengthen your child’s memory.

The right brain will steadily degrade over time and lose its capacity for usage if it is not tapped on. By utilising the right brain’s potential, the left brain will also gain from the improved memory capacity. Simply put, right brain training can improve your child’s overall ability for both left and right-brained learning and application.

3. Boosts emotional intelligence (EQ)

In today’s fast-paced society, there is more to an individual’s long-term success than having a high IQ. These days, one’s ability to manage their emotions and behaviour is equally, if not more important.

The right brain and a child’s emotional development are strongly intertwined. A child’s holistic brain development is advanced through right brain training, enabling them to be ready to handle any daily obstacles and necessities.

The major goal of right brain training is to help children reach their maximum potential in order to establish the foundation for emotional and social intelligence.

Bonus: In addition to fostering a child’s emotional intelligence, right brain training also fosters a real interest in learning and acquiring new abilities in a variety of disciplines, including academics, athletics, and the arts.


Given the benefits of right brain training, it is recommended that you enrol your child in a holistic right brain training programme as soon as possible.

For right brain training in Singapore, Singapore Brain Development Centre is the one for you. We are a local brain development centre that strives to nurture capable lifelong learners with our individualised cognitive development plans for a range of conditions – including cognitive training, speech therapy for toddlers, dyslexia treatment and more.

Our holistic Brain Training Programme features intensive yet engaging activities that help to strengthen your child’s cognitive skills slowly but surely. Moreover, we take pride in ensuring that every child gets the attention and help they need, which is why we will develop a specialised 1-to-1 training programme for your child based on their specific needs.

To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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