Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complicated neurodevelopmental condition that impairs communication, behaviour, and social interaction. Early intervention is key to effectively managing this condition, as it can significantly improve a child’s development and quality of life. This article aims to introduce parents to variety of autism therapy services available in Singapore so that they can make the right choice for their children. 

Understanding Autism  

Autism is a spectrum disorder with multiple symptoms and behaviours, which range from problems in social communication to repetitive behaviours and restricted interests. The intensity of these symptoms varies widely among individuals. Early diagnosis and early intervention are essential because they offer supportive intervention at a very early time and individualized therapy plans that fit the needs of any child. 

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Types of Autism Therapy Services 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)  

ABA focuses on improving specific behaviours, such as social skills, communication, and academics, through reinforcement strategies. It involves breaking down tasks into manageable steps and using positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviours. 

Speech and Language Therapy  

Speech and language therapy helps children with autism improve their communication skills. This therapy focuses on enhancing both verbal and non-verbal communication, aiding children in expressing their needs and interacting more effectively with others. 

Occupational Therapy  

Occupational therapy focuses on assisting the child in learning daily living skills. These comprise fine motor skills, sensory processing, and coordination, which, when improved, can enable children to participate in day-to-day activities actively. 

Social Skills Training  

This sort of training will give the child the essential toolkit required to make social interactions with his peers and adults appropriately. This therapy focuses on taking turns, understanding social cues, and friendship development. 

Sensory Integration Therapy  

Sensory Integration Therapy helps children who are autistic learn how to deal with sensory challenges. This type of therapy is done by engaging the children in activities to make them respond better to sensory stimuli, which increases their focusing capabilities and working in any given setting. 

Evaluating Autism Therapy Providers  

Methods and Techniques of Therapy  

Get to understand the methods and techniques the service provider employs while conducting therapy. Different types of treatment may work better for different children; therefore, make sure you have a provider who can meet all your child’s needs. 

Individualize Treatment Plans

Ensure the provider tailors treatment plans to each client’s specific strengths, challenges, and interests. Additionally, inquire how they adjust these plans as progress is made.

Holistic Perspective

Check if the provider takes into account the child’s overall well-being, including physical, emotional, and social development. Inquire how they integrate techniques from various sources to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

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Autism Therapy Services at SBDC  

SBDC offers several unique autism therapy services that cater to the needs of different kids with autism: 

Sensory Integration and Motor Skills Therapy  

Sensory Integration and Motor Skills Therapy look at how information processing in the brain affects learning and behaviour. While dealing with the children in various activities designed to stimulate sensory functions, the therapists can enhance the processing of the senses and gross and fine motor skills. 

DIR Floortime  

DIR Floortime approach emphasizes the individual needs of the child, a relationship-based developmental approach and how to create meaningful experiences for the child. In this case, the strategy focuses on stimulating communication and social skills through fun and engaging activities that promote emotional and developmental growth.  

Listening Therapy  

Listening Therapy is a combination of sound therapy through exercises to ameliorate motor and emotional cognitive functions. The innovative approach uses specific sounds and rhythms to stimulate brain function and improve overall development. 

Speech & Language Development  

The SBDC speech and language development program helps children through play and practical activities. It provides therapists who work with children to express themselves and understanding others. 

Singapore also offers many supports and resources for children with autism and their family members. 

Initiatives/Subsidies by the Government  

The government of Singapore provides several initiatives and subsidies that help the children combat the challenge. The pertinent of these are financial aid, grants for therapy services, and specialized learning resources. 

Special Education Schools and Inclusive Education Options  

Singapore offers many special education schools and inclusive education options for children with autism. Special schools have tailor-made curricula to suit the educational requirements of children with autism. 

Support Groups and Community Resources  

It’s also a good idea for parents to become part of a support group and use community resources. These groups provide a platform for parents to share experiences, seek advice, and receive emotional support from those who understand their child’s journey. 

Tips for Parents: How to Be Helpful to Your Child with Therapy  

Several practical tips can be stated for supporting therapy for your child: 

Create a Supportive Home Environment  

Construct a supportive home environment that has a similar pattern to what your child is learning in therapy. A structured and consistent setting might make your child feel safer and more comfortable. 

Stay Involved and Informed About Therapy Progress  

Continue to maintain ongoing communication with your child’s therapist to stay updated on the progress of sessions and any changes that should be made in the overall treatment plan. Active participation can make a huge difference and increase the benefits of treatment. 

Advocate for Your Child in All Environments  

Advocate for your child in all settings, whether at school or socially. Help teachers and caregivers understand your child’s needs. 


Early intervention is critical to successfully treating autism and improving the quality of life of children with autism. By understanding the autism therapy services available in Singapore, parents can provide their children with the interventions they need. Be proactive and take advantage of what you’ve been given. SBDC offers specialized autism therapy services, so consult with us to start your child’s journey towards a brighter future.