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The Power of Listening Therapy

The Power of Listening Therapy

The Singapore Brain Development Centre (SBDC) is proud to be a licensed provider of The Tomatis®  Method – the gold medal award winner for scientific research in Europe, as a natural approach to auditory stimulation. We work with a wide array of combined therapy approaches which is customised differently for every child’s need. No two children are exactly the same which further stressed the importance of a customised approach. Listening Therapy is often paired with other forms of therapy to achieve maximum results.

What is Listening Therapy?

The Tomatis® method is a type of sound therapy, similar to auditory integration training. It aims to improve listening and communication skills. The person uses headphones to listen to electronically modified music.

How can Listening Therapy help?  

Listening therapy is an excellent way to tackle issues related to the auditory processing cognitive skill. The basis of listening therapy is to utilise auditory stimulations such as music, sounds, and vibrations, to exercise the auditory processing system.  An example of listening therapy is one that adopts a patent-pending ABC Modular Design, in which listeners are presented with three 15-minute modules that serve to exercise the auditory processing system. Similar to a cardio workout or any sport, this exercise incorporates a warm-up phase, workout phase, and cooldown phase. 

This method of auditory stimulation has been clinically proven to be an effective way to improve the brain’s ability to process sound, which in turn improves the following:

There are many different types of listening therapies available to address auditory processing issues. The Singapore Brain Development Centre offers three modular listening therapies – Listening EarsThe TOMATIS Method, and Listeningz Therapy .Contact us today for a Free evaluation of your child.

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