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Help for Preschool & Young Kids

Young students just launching into school are almost always filled with an enthusiasm for learning. In some, an undetected cognitive skills weakness hiding beneath that enthusiasm is waiting to rob them of their joy of learning. Singapore Brain Development Centre’s Brain Training program is designed to ensure a solid foundation of cognitive skills strength for preschool and first grade students.

Customized Programs

Our programs are based on well-researched and proven cognitive training, specially customized for the needs of preschool and young children. Our training reinforces how fun learning can be. Students are prepared for a lifetime of easy learning and reading through basic auditory, memory, visual, and logic training.

The key learning skills built with our training will lead to a better head-start at school. Daily brain training can aid in all aspects of your child’s brain development, resulting in better mental and physical abilities. Prepare your young ones by stimulating their minds with our programs- all activities are conducted in a fun and interactive way. The best way to learn is through play!

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