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Cooperative and Interactive Learning

★ Developmental Training

Children love to play, and it is through playing in a group that they begin to develop basic fundamental skills such as social skills, expressive language skills, emotional confidence, role-play, imagination, and creativity. Group play isn’t just kids having fun with one another—it’s to prepare them for a lifetime of interacting with others.

Jiggles & Wiggles (Playgroup)

Learning through play is one way children can learn to make sense of the world around them. Our Jiggles & Wiggles program incorporates sensory integration in an exciting and holistic program developed to aids in the physical, emotional and intellectual development of young children. Applicable for Ages 2-4. Saturdays 11am-12.30pm.

★ Cognitive Training

Group learning can increase students’ responsibility for their own learning. Working in groups during the learning process provides learners with the opportunity to express themselves, discover deeper meaning in content & improve thinking skills. Our group cognitive programs are designed to energise and motivate your child to engage and enjoy their learning experiences.



Our Lift-Off is a school-readiness group cognitive training program designed specifically for preschoolers. It builds your child’s cognitive skills strength, laying a strong foundation for his/her academic success. These skills will empower your child to thrive as a confident and capable learner. Applicable for Ages 4-6. Saturdays 2pm-3.30pm.


Our Esprit program is a group cognitive training program, designed specifically for primary school students. It helps develop cognitive skills that will help your child learn faster and easier, empowering them to pursue academic excellence with confidence. Applicable for Ages 7-12. Saturdays 4-6pm.

★ Holiday Programs

PowerMind BrainCamp

Our PowerMind BrainCamp is a holiday intensive program that targets your child’s cognitive and character development. We have incorporated action learning, systems thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving strategies into the curriculum of the camp, to ensure that your child is challenged to learn. Your child will be trained to take responsibility and ownership of their brains, developing him or her as a confident person, an active contributor and a self-directed learner!

Brain Transformation Workshop

The 3-day Brain Transformation Workshop is a unique approach to studying during the holidays as it only utilizes a few days off a long vacation break. The unique study power workshop will help your child acquire the skills of being a great student for the new school term.
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