The Power of Listening Therapy

29 Sep 2019 Media

The Singapore Brain Development Centre (SBDC) is proud to be a licensed provider of The Tomatis®  Method – the gold medal award winner for scientific research in Europe, as a natural approach to auditory stimulation. We work with a wide array of combined therapy approaches which is customised differently for every child’s need. No two children are exactly the same which further stressed the importance of a customised approach. Listening Therapy is often paired with other forms of therapy to achieve maximum results.

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How Does Brain Training Help Children with Special Needs?

8 Jul 2019 Media

In recent months, Singapore Brain Development Centre (SBDC) has received an increased amount of enquiries from parents with children with special needs, many of which suffer from developmental issues. As we listened and took an understanding of the issues faced both by parents and their children, we would like to share how our customised Brain Training programmes, together with our specialized child gym training program could integrate and help special needs children to lead a better life.

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The Importance of Understanding Sensory Processing Disorders

17 May 2019 Media

Many parents who participate in Singapore Brain Development Centre’s (SBDC) training programs have children who have Sensory Processing Issues. Sensory processing disorder is a sort of `traffic jam’ in the brain. Some bits of sensory information get `tied up in traffic,’ and certain parts of the brain do not get the sensory information they need to do their jobs.” (Ayres, p. 51)

Some parents who we met struggled with their children’s behavioural issues, as early as when they were a toddler. Yet, some feedback that the issues they thought could be overcome when their child grows older; as with the adage, “you grow wiser as you grow older,” became a nightmare to them as they experienced the opposite of a worsened condition in their child.

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Is Outgrowing Learning Problems a Myth?

2 Apr 2019 Media

Brain Training Singapore

Parents, the truth is… waiting for your child to “grow out of” learning, reading, or attention difficulties is not really an option. Learning struggles rarely go away with time. On the contrary, waiting and hoping a problem will go away without appropriate intervention will only lead to frustration, poor grades, low motivation, and time wasted in school. What should you do? If you sense a struggle, find help now before an undiscovered learning weakness permanently limits your child’s potential. There are easy, affordable steps you can take. If you fear that your child has a learning disability, the first step is to have his or her cognitive skills tested. Cognitive skills testing will uncover the source of the struggle, and guide you to a training strategy that can make the difference.

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